What's Your Wealthgrade?

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(excluding primary residence)


Your current wealthgrade


Your future wealthgrade if you keep spending the way you do.

Wealth Potential

Your wealth potential if you follow the Money Organizer Plan.

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What Your Wealthgrade Means

Your assets can provide you enough income to sustain your lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you should quit your job, but you probably could if you wanted. Now you just need to take what you’ve learned and go help 5 more people reach their A Wealthgrade level.

You’re earning more interest than you’re paying each year and you’ve reached a state of financial security, but you need to keep working, saving and wisely investing to reach the A Wealthgrade level. By putting extra money towards growing your assets you can speed up the time it takes to reach the A Wealthgrade level.

You have more assets than liabilities but you need to stay very organized with your money and apply as much money to growing your productive assets as you can afford. Your Ideal Lifestyle is possible with some time and discipline. Measure your success on the interest you earn vs. the interest you pay each year and measure your progress each quarter.

You’re paying more interest than you’re earning because you have more liabilities (debt) than assets (savings & investments). Consider a second part time job to help you get out of debt faster because your debt will be what prevents you from having any chance of reaching your Ideal Lifestyle.

Your net worth is in the negatives and your assets probably don’t exist. Because your debt is so high, compared to your income, you probably need professional help to reduce the debt you have while protecting your assets.